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Questions (FAQs)

Normally, the paint can be stored for another 2-3 months. We recommend that you close the lid tightly and store at normal room temperature. It should not be in a place that is very hot or humid because the paint may lose its quality.

For interior painting, we recommend Nippon Paint AirCare, ultra-premium, water-based acrylic paint.


1. Anti-Formaldehyde that might cause irritation to eyes/skin including respiratory disease.

2. Resist the growth of coronavirus and influenza virus (H1N1) on paint film.

3. Zero VOCs.

4. Excellent washability.

5. Odorless during painting. Be able to move in after paint.

Yes, Nippon Paint has low-odor interior paint that is safe and does not have harmful organic volatile compounds (zero VOCs). It has no strong odor both while applying and after applying. Residents can enter the room immediately after finishing painting. Also, it does not contain mercury or lead so it is safe for everyone in the family.

For example, Nippon Paint AirCare products that have passed the GREENGUARD Gold certification ensure that they are safe without volatile substances that are harmful to health.

For exterior paint, we recommend Nippon Paint Weatherbond, ultra-premium, water-based acrylic paint.


1. Durable against harsh weather.

2. Alkali and efflorescence resistance.

3. UV resistance, anti-fading and chalking.

4. Fungus and algae resistance.

5. Low VOCs, low odour.

6. Excellent adhesion and durability for 15+ years.

We recommend “Nippon Paint Weatherbond.” It is extremely durable exterior paint that can protect the surface as long as 15 years. It is resistant to extreme weather conditions and ultra-resistant to alkali and salt stains. It is also resistant to UV rays. The colour does not fade easily. The paint even prevents mold and algae.

Patterning paint is an innovation that changes normal painting into pattern drawing.

There are many types and each can create different and elegant patterns:

1. Momento Sparkle

2. Momento Loft

3. Momento Stone Art  

4. Momento Classic Tiles

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